TIPlogo.pngTrue Intimacy Project focuses on proactive protection of wholeness and retroactive restoration of the broken. For those describing their private, interpersonal, spiritual, and sexual lives as terrible, shameful, empty, hopeless, confused, or even mediocre…you were created for more!

We empower individuals and families to experience TRUE INTIMACY and the unsurpassed soul-satisfaction that accompanies a life lived completely free through Jesus Christ and completely surrendered to Him. We believe that children, pre-teens, adolescents, young adults and mature adults can live a life that reflects their true selves – their God-breathed, child-of-God selves (John 1:11) – unencumbered by the bondage of sexual sin/dysfunction, abuse, trauma, and addiction.

Our seminars promote TRUE INTIMACY for individuals of all ages and stages of life and offer a lifeline that reaches you exactly where you are – in pain, brokenness, anger, apathy, confusion, hopelessness, or longing for something more.

We also connect you with Christ-centered, professional support to address sexual and intimacy issues including relational conflict, sexual addiction, pornography, affairs, and sexual trauma. We endeavor to help you find the right help, whether you desire accountability, individual or family counseling, therapeutic or support groups, addiction treatment, or an inpatient program.



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