We often hear that taking the first step to pursue help can feel overwhelming due to the challenge of finding the right help for a particular situation. We intentionally research and screen for the best therapeutic help possible. The professionals listed on our site are, to the best of our knowledge, highly trained and very well equipped to help you address a range of intimacy-related issues. For example: affairs, pornography, compulsivity, addiction, sexual anorexia, children acting out sexually, sexual abuse, trauma, commercial sexual exploitation, etc.

If you have pursued help from a counselor (either in the past or currently), and have not found it to be helpful, please know that 1) sometimes the journey to healing is slow and gradual and takes more time than we would like; but also, 2) all counseling is not the same. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO CONTINUE SEEKING HELP UNTIL YOU FIND THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOU.

In addition to our list of possible counselors, we also include a list of considerations and questions you might ask in order to determine if a professional is a good fit for you.